ceraDAT - Objectives database


Data management

The primary objective of the ceraDAT project is the standardized organization and retrieval of data of archaeological ceramics. In the past, ceramic data were distributed in small databases in the individual analytical laboraties. The exchange of data among laboratories was difficult because of the use of commonly diverse database formats and because of missing information concerning the calibration of the data. ceraDAT was designed as an advanced database allowing for incorporation and flexible use of different types of information and for comparison of data collected in different laboratories. The database is accessible up to a large extent by the interested public via the present web portal. The use of the data is, however, restricted to certain terms of use which we would like to ask to respect. Colleagues are welcome to register in order to obtain privileges for enhanced use of ceraDAT, such as downloading tables, uploading own data sets and using advanced search criteria

Data evaluation

The use of a relational database management system provides the largest possible flexibility also in terms of including further types of information in future. However, even with the presently available data complex search criteria are possible. The web page provides furthermore basic evaluation and comparison of individual data and average compositions of defined ceramic groups. Therefore, apart from simple data queries ceraDAT can be used directly as tool for the evaluation of datasets.